Importance of roof ventilation on house boats

We can’t overstate enough how important it is to ensure that your house boats are well ventilated. Ignoring this could lead to some very serious issues on your house boat, such as mould and mildew. You want to ensure that any structure has good air circulation, especially those that are near bodies of water and are in close proximity with moisture. You can install air vents yourself reasonably easily with a little bit of DIY knowledge, but if you’re looking to get them done professionally, there are certainly plenty of providers out there who are more than willing to offer their services for a good rate.

On the importance of good airflow, we spoke to Genesis Roofing, a provider of Roof Ventilation in Perth for a variety of different structures. Julian, one of their experts, walked us through the importance of keeping structures like house boats well-ventilated, “The thing is, you’ve got to be extra careful with house boats because of how close they are to moisture constantly. You don’t want moisture seeping in through the cracks and sitting. Having good ventilation means that you prevent the air stagnating inside of the house boat, which greatly reduces the risk of developing serious mould inside of your structure.”

By keeping the air circulating freely inside of your residence, you avoid one of the most common pitfalls that house boat residents experience when living on the water, “With the help of a contractor or with a group of professionals, it is fairly simple to install small vents in the roof of the building which will allow air to pass through the structure. Installed properly, it will not impact energy efficiency and will ensure that cool air enters during the hottest months of the year and warm air remains locked inside during the winter.”