Why you should always Inspect your house or boat for termites before buying

Australian cities are home to many pests, and that is because our country’s environment provides ideal conditions for a wide variety of different creatures to grow and prosper. From flies to spiders, there are a number of different pests that can make your life more difficult if they enter your home. Once an infestation takes root, it can be hard to handle by yourself. If your house boat ends up being infested with termites, you could be looking at some serious structural damage that could result in serious expenditures—the sort of expenses that can ruin your personal finances for many years to come.

We recommend a proper house inspection of any house boat you’re considering or thorough inspections of any properties you currently own. We asked Tyler from House-Inspections.com.au about why all homeowners should make use of a termite inspection service, “You’ve got to be really careful with certain varieties of termites in Australia,” He explains, “They can be hard to spot, and once they infest your home in April or May, the problem can grow quickly. They really like house boats because of the humidity and warmth. The wood is remarkably easy for them to chew through, and they will absolutely destroy the structural integrity of your house boat if they are able to infest it.”

A thorough termite inspection can help identify whether or not your structure is currently facing a troublesome infestation. Once you determine whether or not you actually have an issue, you can take measures to completely remove any infestation you have by calling a professional pest removal service. It’s recommended to act as soon as possible to ensure that any such issues are amended, as leaving this issue to fester could result in life-ending financial consequences. If you don’t want your structure to collapse from instability or you’d prefer not to deal with comprehensive damage to your marine dwelling, get someone out there to take a look at things.